Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Let's talk about: Jonny Vickers (I Read Books in Nightclubs)

Last week I found another YouTuber that has quickly become one of my very favorites!
His name is Jonny Vickers and his channel is called I Read Books in Nightclubs.

I first saw Jonny on a video with Carrie Hope Fletcher on It's Way Past My Bedtime. They were on tour together doing War of the Worlds. He is instantly likable but he didn't have a YouTube channel at the time. 
Recently he made another appearance on this video on her channel: 

Because of this video, I found out that he now has his own channel. 
They made a video together for his channel as well. I will link it at the bottom. 
I spent the week going back through all of his videos. He is awesome. 
He is in his late twenties, an avid reader, very funny, and silly. 
He is known for his cheebopping (playing music by hitting his cheeks), his glasses, sweater vests, and bow ties.  His videos usually feature a new enemy (something bothering him), a book recommendation, and random musings.
He just seems, like Carrie, to be someone that you could just hang out with in real life and have the time of your life. 
He is from Aberdeen, Scotland and now resides in London. 
Here are some of my favorite videos from his channel to give you an idea of his personality:
The TMI tag:
 7 Things you didn't know about Jonny Vickers:

All Hail the Mattress King:

Oddballs Unite: 

Housemates (his video with Carrie):
 I hope you will enjoy his videos as much as I do!
 *Do you have any favorite YouTubers?


The Kings said...

Very fun guy to watch! He kind of reminds me of the English guy (can't remember his name;-(....) in "The Holiday".

cheryl said...

Jude Law? Hmmm. I don't see it. But I like both of them! So I will go with it!