Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Let's talk about: Carrie Hope Fletcher

I have recently discovered the world of you tubers.
That led to finding the world of British you tubers.
I have enjoyed watching videos of packing, makeup, store hauls, and book reviews. 
But my favorite find is Carrie Hope Fletcher. 

Her channel is called It's Way Past My Bedtime.
She is in her early twenties and yet I feel like we would be friends in real life. 
She is optimistic, funny, adorable, kind, and smart.
She is an actress, singer, and author. 
And she is currently starring as Eponine in London's West End production of Les Mis. 
She is extremely talented. 
I know I will share her videos on here occasionally but I thought today I would give a little introduction to her and post one that I watched yesterday. 
Her friend Pete has been told he looks like Flynn Rider from Tangled and people tell her all the time that she reminds them of Rapunzel so since they are both singers they decided to put together a video for a song from Tangled.


The Kings said...

Thank you for introducing her to me!! She is really fun!

cheryl said...

You're welcome. I really like her.