Monday, April 20, 2015

Let's talk about: Tea

I am not an expert on tea in any way.
In fact, I'm pretty sure I have never had a proper cup of tea. 
But since tea is such a huge part of the British culture I feel it needs a place on this blog. 

Last week when I was grocery shopping I stopped for a minute in the tea section to take a look. 

We had a big snow storm the next day and I took the opportunity to make a cup of tea. 
I put the tea bag in my adorable Chip mug and then filled it with boiling water allowing it to steep for about 10 minutes. 
Then I sat down with a good book and my cup of tea. 

It was great. 
The smell was delicious and invigorating. 
 The taste was subtle but good. 

I think the biggest things I noticed were:
 1) I felt really relaxed while I was drinking it. It was calming. 
2) Over the next few days I kept craving another cup. 

So, while I can't compare it with much, I really liked this tea and will definitely be keeping it on hand from now on. 

*Do you drink tea? 
*What's your favorite kind?


The Kings said...

Can't say that I like it but I may try the one you tried and see what I think.

cheryl said...

I will make it for you sometime. And Karen needs to make us both a cup of tea her way.

Donna said...

I like a good herbal tea, and you can't go wrong when you combine it with a good book. That Chip mug is adorable!

cheryl said...

Thanks! It is one of my very favorite souvenirs from our last trip to Disney World!