Thursday, April 23, 2015

Let's talk about: Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson was born in Paddington, London on April 15, 1959. 
She was born into a family of actors. 
Her father was an actor. Her mother has co-starred with her in several films. 
And her sister is also an actor (she was in Harry Potter as well)

Emma studied English literature at Cambridge University where she was part of the Footlight's Group, a famous group where many of the Monty Python members first met. She was the first female to join Footlights, served as vice president of the troupe, and co-directed their first female revue entitled Women's Hour.

After graduating she begin her career on BBC radio and touring with comedy shows. 
She soon broke into television doing comedy. 
Then she started performing in London's West End which led to a role in a BBC miniseries and from there to more movies and to writing.
Thompson is unique in being the only person to win Academy awards for both acting and writing.

One of the things that I love about Emma Thompson is that she seems so real. 
She acts silly and serious. 
She is honest. 
 "You can't imagine what satisfaction can be gotten from throwing a pie into someone's face."

She really seems to care about life and people and stories. 
I admire anyone that can just be themselves and not care what others think. 

"Once you're a mom, you've been split into two people. Like Peter Pan and his shadow."
Emma  has one daughter, Gaia, and one adopted son, Tindyebwa Agaba. 
A former child soldier and refugee, Thompson and her husband Greg Wise met Agaba at a refugee council event when he was invited to spend Christmas with the family before eventually being adopted by the couple.
 I imagine she would be a pretty fun mom. 

Emma and Gaia arriving at the Golden Globes:

So, basically, I just think Emma is cool!
 (Who needs painful shoes at an awards show?)

Getting down to business... 
What are my 5 favorite Emma movies?

#1: Much Ado About Nothing

This was the first movie I saw her in. 
Young lovers Hero and Claudio, soon to wed, conspire to get verbal sparring partners and confirmed singles Benedick and Beatrice to marry.  
It is so funny. 
And Emma was so brilliant in this role. She was spot on, serious, and funny. 
Side note that I think most of you probably know- she starred with Kenneth Branagh whom she married in 1989 and divorced in 1994. 

#2: Sense and Sensibility
I love this version of the movie so much. 
And I absolutely love Emma's portrayal of Elinor Dashwood. 
Emma wrote the screenplay for this movie!

She also met her future husband on set. 
Yes, she is married to Willoughby! (Greg Wise)
#3: Love Actually

While not appropriate for all audiences, I have a special place in my heart for this movie. 
Emma's role of Karen is heartbreaking. 

She portrays it so well. 

 And of course, seeing her and Alan Rickman together in the last two movies leads me to the next movie...

#4: Harry Potter

Emma plays the role of Professor Sybil Trelawney so perfectly. 
Honestly, I can't imagine anyone else in that role now that she has done it. 

[on her role in the Harry Potter film] "I have a nervous breakdown in the film and in one scene I get to stand at the top of the stairs waving an empty sherry bottle which is, of course, a typical scene from my daily life, so isn't much of a stretch."

For this one I was going to say Nanny McPhee or Saving Mr. Banks, both of which Emma stars in  brilliantly. 

But instead I am saving it for a movie that isn't even out yet. 
Because I know she will be brilliant in it. 
And I am insanely excited about it. 

Beauty and the Beast. 

In which Emma will be playing Mrs. Potts. 

Thank you Emma for all you do to entertain us!

*Do you have a favorite Emma Thompson film?


The Kings said...

I have seen the movies you listed except for "Love Actually"...she is a fantastic actress and one of my favorites!

Seth and Julie said...

I adore Love Actually! I know, I am not supposed to, but I do. I thought it was such a sweet movie. And Emma Thompson was fantastic. My heart completely broke when she was falling apart but trying to hold it together and put on a good face for her kids. I thought she was outstanding in that role.

cheryl said...

Julie- there is just something about that movie. It is so good.

Donna said...

She is one of my favorite actresses. I absolutely loved her in Sense and Sensibility.