Monday, April 13, 2015

Lets talk about: London Market

 The London Market is our local store for British treats. 
I took my daughter with me on Friday to visit the store in Salt Lake City. 
One of my very favorite things about this store is this Mini parked out front. 
Isn't is so cute? 
Of course, I may be a little biased as we were driving our very own blue Mini that day and I love that car. Any day I get to drive the Mini as opposed to the Mini Van is a fun day.

I had a hard time deciding between all of their delicious looking treats and many other fun things that caught my eye.
My main reason for going was that I was hoping they would have some English Christmas Crackers in stock even though it is April. 
I wanted to take the picture for the header of this blog and I knew that I wanted Crackers and a Scone to use for it. 
I lucked out!
They had these awesome Union Jack Crackers in stock and for a really good price. 
I usually buy crackers for Christmas and New Years every year at Target for around $15-20 for a package of 10. 
This package has 12 in it and was only $20 and MUCH cuter than the ones that I find at Target. 
I bought the delicious Cranberry Scone that is in the picture and then we ate it soon after. 
It was perfect. 
Now I will put the crackers away until Christmas. I can't wait to use them!

Here are the other items we picked up that day:

Along with the Crackers and the Scone I picked up a small Union Jack Flag (the one I used in the picture), some Cadbury Caramel eggs, two packages of Chocolate buttons, and a bag of Jelly Babies. 

We dug into the Cadbury eggs this weekend and they were SO good. 
I really preferred the caramel center to the usual cream center that I have tried before. 
Their small size made for a perfect small treat with a great ratio of chocolate to caramel. 
They will definitely be something we will purchase next Easter!

The other treats I haven't tried yet but as soon as we do I will review them on here. 

If you are in the Salt Lake City area I highly recommend a stop at the London Market!
You can check them out on Facebook here to find out more about them and see more of what they have to offer.


Seth and Julie said...

I have been to London and I LOVED it! I descend from English, Irish, and Welsh ancestry (and Norwegian, French and Native the interest of full disclosure) so I do have a great fondness for these cultures. I am not sure I qualify as a bonafide Anglophile because I do not watch any British TV. Then again, I don't watch any American TV either. I do admit that where literature is concerned, I prefer American Realism to British Romanticism, but I am taking Brit Lit this semester so I hope to gain a greater appreciation for this genre. I may not get all the pop culture references, but when it comes to British history and architecture, I can geek out with the best of them.

That store is so cute! I admit that when it comes to food that I prefer the flavor that Americans have infused into everything. I thought most dishes were quite bland in England. However, I do love their candy and their lemonade. I have looked all over the states for that lemonade. Sunkist sparkling lemonade is the closest thing I can find, but it's still not as good as the real deal.

What a fun new blog! Have fun with it!

cheryl said...

I didn't know you have been to London! I can't wait to go.

The Kings said...

Need to go there again!

cheryl said...