Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Let's talk about: Downton Abbey (Season 1, episodes 2-4)

In episode 2 we finally start getting to know Matthew and his mother Isobel. 
He made a good impression on me... but not so much on Mary as she walked in right when he was talking about how ridiculous the whole situation was. 
His eyes when he saw her though! You could definitely tell he regretted what he had said and was immediately taken by her. 

There was also a really rare moment in this episode. 
Thomas being charming and kind and fun.

When he danced with Daisy he seemed happy and genuine for once and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. 
I wondered why he couldn't always be like that. 

This episode also showed the first hints of animosity from O'Brien towards Lady Grantham after she caught her talking about Matthew. 
I cheered a bit at that scene ,glad that she stuck up for Matthew.

Something else that made me laugh was when the Dowager Countess was talking at tea and said "Huff and Puff". I had a Harry Potter flashback because it sounded like she said Hufflepuff. 

Episode 3:

I felt a *little* bad for Edith when she was taking Matthew around to churches. 

It was so obvious that she was crushing on him and he couldn't stop thinking about Mary. 

But of course, Mary is not thinking about Matthew. 
She is too smitten with 

Mr. Pamuk, the Turkish diplomat. 
(Recognize him? Theo James is Four in Divergent.)
I don't think Mr. Napier had that in mind when he brought his friend along. 
I thought it was so funny when all the girls were trying to catch a glimpse of him and Mr. Carson comes in asking why they are all congregating. 
Lord Grantham understands when he says, "He's giving the girls a real treat."
Then the real drama takes place. 
When Mr. Pamuk came to Mary's room I thought he was really pushy. 
Everyone keeps saying he was a nice guy. But honestly I don't think he really was that great. 
I can't imagine the trauma Mary felt when realizing he had just died. 
But I loved the Dowager Countess' reaction. 
"No Englishman would think of dying in someone else's house."

This episode also gave us another example of the kindness of Sybil when she became so invested in helping Gwen with her dream of leaving service to become a secretary. 

Another relationship we get more of a glimpse into is the relationship between Mary and Mr. Carson. It becomes very obvious that they are very close and more like family than anyone would admit. 

The last thing that stood out in this episode was how horrifying Bates leg was after having that brace on. It made me cringe. 
I was so glad that Mrs. Hughes got to the bottom of it and so happy when that thing was thrown in the lake!

Episode 4:

We get our introduction to Tom, the chauffeur. 

I really liked him right away. 
I love how Lord Grantham offered him use of the books in the library. 
You could tell he was surprised by this. 

This episode also brought us the town fair and Mrs. Hughes getting a proposal. 
I felt happy and sad for her at the same time. 
I kind of wanted her to accept but then you could tell it wasn't the right thing. 
I loved the moment between she and Mr. Carson when she was telling him about it and he said, "What would be the point of living if we didn't let life change us."
There seemed to be a lot of emotion in this episode (not that there usually isn't.)
I really understood Mary's frustration when she felt like her father wasn't really fighting for her but instead just accepting things they way they were. 
I hated the fact that Daisy was letting Thomas influence her so much that she started becoming mean. 
And I felt so bad for poor William. I just wanted to shake her and make her notice him. 
One of my favorite moments of this episode was when Sybil came out in this outfit. 
It was just such a fun moment and she was so happy. 
But my favorite thing about it was when we saw Tom peeking through the window at her. 

*What are your favorite moments from these episodes?


Donna said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't realize that Pamuk and Four were the same person but now I totally see it! That was a little mind-blowing, ha ha.
I love that last shot of Tom smiling through the window at Sybil!

cheryl said...

Oh good!I'm glad I added that then! You can see how much he likes her just in that face he makes watching through the window.

The Kings said...

Thanks so much for introducing me to the series! I am having so much fun watching them with you. Yep...I see it now...Pamuk is Four!!

cheryl said...

I am so glad you love them! I look forward to our days watching together.