Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Let's talk about: The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

I think all of us know the story of Peter Rabbit. 
It is a timeless classic. 
After talking about Miss Potter last week  I really wanted to pull out my copy of
The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

I love my copy of this book. 
I bought the full box set a little over a year ago from Zulily for just over $20. 

I adore this set. One of my favorite things I have purchased. 

 I highly recommend snatching it up if you ever see it on their website, or anywhere else for that matter, because I have seen it close to $100 on ebay and Amazon and right now it is on Anthropologie for $49.99. 

These books are adorable. 
They are bigger than the original size but a perfect size for little hands (and big hands) to hold easily.

I think the reason I love Peter Rabbit so much is it feels like a proper bedtime story. 
When you are reading it out loud to your children it feels like something that would come naturally if you were making up one yourself. 
Especially if you were trying to correct a particular behavior. 
It has cute characters that children will love. 
The illustrations are darling.

It has an exciting story for kids. 
At least, my children would get anxious and excited when Peter was trying to get away from Mr. McGregor.
 And it has a moral. 
Peter does not obey his mom but his sisters do. 
That night he is sick, tired, frightened, and is sent to bed with some chamomile tea and nothing else whilst his sisters get to stay up having milk, bread, and blackberries. 
And yet that is all that happens to him. 
Even though he has lost his second pair of shoes and jacket in two weeks time, I think his mother knows that his own consequences are enough punishment this time. 

As I was reading it, it made me think of a blog post I did on my personal blog a few years ago whilst living in Wisconsin where we had plenty of wild little bunny rabbits living in our neighborhood. 

I posted a couple of pictures of bunnies that we encountered on our walk that morning. 

I followed up the pictures by saying, "Can't you just imagine them in little blue coats?" and this picture:

I loved these bunnies and was as happy as a child every time I saw one on a walk. 
However, I also knew that most of the people in the area considered them to be pests and hated having them around. 
As I thought about that I realized that Mr. McGregor, the villain of the story, is just your average guy. 
He is just trying to grow his garden and keep bunnies from eating all his vegetables. 
In this way, I think most of us can relate to one of the characters in this book. 
You might be Mr. McGregor, trying to grow things and hating the little bunnies, you might be the good little bunny that always does what you are told, you might be the naughty little bunny that continues to disobey but pay for it later, the mother that is just trying to keep your kids alive, or you might be like me. I think I am like the little sparrows that are encouraging Peter to free himself of the gooseberry net. 
*Which are you?

(And I love seeing Mr. Warne's name on this book!)



Donna said...

I love Peter Rabbit too. John went through a phase when he was about 3 where he was really into it. We'd get this old VHS tape from the library that was the most charming video adaptation of it, and he loved watching it. And of course the book was and is a delight to read. Last weekend I looked for that cute Peter Rabbit bag that you got at Barnes & Noble but mine didn't have it!

cheryl said...

Was it the old cartoon with the woman writing and then going outside to walk at the beginning of each episode?
If so, we have those ones.
Oh man. That's too bad they didn't have the bag. I wonder if they only had it out for Easter?

The Kings said...

Thanks for your post on Peter Rabbit. I think Miss Potter's stories and art are awesome. I was so tempted to buy a set on your birthday outing when we went to Barnes and Noble. Alas, I didn't but I think IO will make the purchase soon.

cheryl said...

I will let you know if I see this set or another one that is equally as good at a good rate.