Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Let's talk about: Downton Abbey, Season Two

I just finished watching Season 2 of Downton Abbey with my mom. 
I will take today to reflect on some of the biggest moments from the season. 

*****Spoilers ahead*****

We began the season in the middle of the Great war. 
Downton has become a convalescent home for wounded officers. 
Cora and Isobel are constantly struggling for power over running the home. 
Thomas is back as an acting-Sergeant and just as mean as ever it seems. 

 Much of the season dealt with Mr. Bates' very unpleasant wife Vera. She is a really horrible person that seems to want to ruin Bates just because he is happy with someone else while her affairs and life have made her unhappy. 
I wasn't sad to learn of her death at the end of the season, but I was anxious about Bates' and Anna's future. 

I was very pleased when Anna was finally able to marry the man she loves so much. 
Anna deserves happiness. 

Mary is engaged to Richard. Ugh. 
Richard makes me want to punch someone. 
He is so controlling. I felt weird about him from the beginning but it wasn't until he threatened Mary that I think we really got a glimpse of his true nature. 
While I think his behavior is mostly driven by his jealousy and the fact that I believe he truly does love Mary, it is still a frightening moment. 
I am sure that if Mary had ended up with him she would have been miserable. 
I was so happy when Lord Grantham finally found out the truth and released her from any responsibility of scandal. He gave her the freedom in that moment to not have to marry Richard. 

Love is in the air this season as Sybil finally realizes that she truly loves Tom Branson. 
I was SO happy. 
I really like Tom. 
He has his faults, especially in these first few seasons, but I really love him. 
I was really glad that they didn't elope though and so happy when Lord Grantham finally gave them "permission" to be together. 
They obviously would have been together no matter what but once again he gave one of his daughters the freedom to do what they needed to do without worrying about what he would do/think. 
I was so happy when they received a letter from her after the marriage telling them that she was pregnant! And I loved Cora's happy response. 

Daisy gets a parent. I was happy for William's dad and for Daisy. I understand how bad she feels about pretending to love William and only marrying him because he was dying. 
But his dad needed her. 
And I think she needed him. 

Matthew spends a lot of the season engaged to Lavinia. 
I had a hard time with Lavinia. 
Because I liked her. 
When we first met her I expected there to be a catch. 
Something had to be wrong with her because Matthew was supposed to end up with Mary!
But then that other shoe never dropped. 
She was sweet and kind and a good person. 
It was so sad that she died from the flu, especially when she seemed to have the least serious case of it. 
But I admit I was glad that Matthew would now be free. I felt like a terrible person for thinking that. 
I promise, I did get teary eyed when she died!

The war ends. The last of the injured soldiers begin departing. 
Downton is finally going back to its old way of life.
It is such a happy thing and yet it seems that everyone is now forced to figure out where they fit in. Especially Lord Grantham. 
It seems like he and Cora are moving away from each other more and more every moment. 
She seems selfish to him. 
He seems cold. 
And then Jane comes along. 
I liked Jane.
She seemed like a nice woman. 
But man, was I upset with him for kissing her!!

I was really glad when they finally decided that her leaving would be the best plan. 
I felt like Cora almost dying helped him to realize what he could lose. 
I hoped that was the turning point. 

One of my favorite moments of the season was when Matthew got out of his wheelchair!
It was such a tearful and happy moment!
It opened his life back up to him. 

And, of course, my favorite thing to happen during the entire season happened at the very end.

Mary finally told Matthew about why she thought he would despise her. 
He was surprised but supportive of course. 
As soon as he knew, I knew that she was now free to let herself love him if he gave her the chance again. 
Then this moment came...

And I was the happiest viewer in the history of Downton.
Best moment yet!

*What were your favorite moments of Season Two?
*I know I didn't write about so many of them! Which ones were your favorites that I missed?

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