Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Let's talk about: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K Rowling

We are moving right along with our Harry Potter summer read along!
We just finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this morning. 
Last night we were determined to finish it but at 10:30 PM with only one chapter to go, I told the girls we had to stop there and save that last chapter for this morning or we would regret it. 
It was nice to have that to wake up to anyway. 

This was another winner for them. Every time we finish a book, Abi says that it is her new favorite and this was no exception. 
Abi has gone the way of Maddy with her stars system and awarded this book three thousand one million and twenty-five stars. Maddy gave it 200 million hundred. 
Abi said that she liked everything about the book except, of course, for the death of a character she had come to love and the horrible, horrible Dolores Umbridge. 
I was worried as we approached the death, wondering how she would act. I knew she cared more about this character than she did about the character that died in the last book so I knew it would be harder for her. 
I wasn't wrong. 
When I read it she stopped what she was doing. I looked at her and asked if she was okay. She stared at me for a minute as tears welled up in her eyes and shook her head no. She came over and got in my lap and cried for a minute while I hugged her. After those few moments she was okay to go on. 

She is so excited to go on with the series and see what will happen in the last two books. I am slightly worried about how she will react to the upcoming deaths... but I know she will love those books as well. 

As for me, reading this book reminded me of the reasons I like it so much. 
I have heard a lot of people say that it is one of their least favorites of the series but for me that isn't true. 
I remember being so angry the first time I read it because Umbridge just made me want to hit something. In many ways I dislike her the most of any character in the books because, while she may not be as pure evil as Bellatrix or Voldemort, she is pretty close. And she is that way for power as someone who is not even a Death Eater. And I find that even more scary.. and more realistic. 

 That is what is great about this book. It is so FULL of emotions. It is one that really makes you feel. Harry is angry a lot but I think that makes a lot of sense in the context of the storyline and the fact that he is a teenage boy going through the things he goes through in this novel. 
I love the introduction of Luna and the character growth of Neville.
I also love the Dumbledore's Army storyline. I love it in books or movies when there is a group of people that are being treated unfairly that fight back. It is inspiring. 
I am so glad I was able to share this book with my daughters!

*How do you feel about this one?
*Did Umbridge make your skin crawl?
*Do you hate Umbridge more Voldemort?


Seth and Julie said...

As a whole, this book bugs me. I agree that the introduction of Luna and emergence of Neville are great, but I hate the billion page build up to the prophecy that is exactly what we always knew it would be from the first page of the first book. It aggravates me. Every time I read this book it stops me cold and it takes several months for me to warm to HP again. Oh well, one out of seven is pretty good, right? I agree with you about Umbridge. She is skin crawlingly evil! And it is worse because she is supposed to be on the "good" side. Reminds me of the pursuit of power we see in any government and it is terrifying.

cheryl said...

Yeah, I have heard the same feelings fro a few other people as well. I don't have those feelings but I totally understand them.
I think we all have known an Umbridge in our life and can see it, like you said, in government and pretty much any power position that can be had in this world will have people like her and Fudge.
And I really do think that is why she is so hated, even over Voldemort in so many cases.

The Kings said...

I hate Umbridge and I guess that is the general opinion. She was a different side of evil and I guess that is realistic as evil has many faces. I was so glad when Hagrid's giant brother and the Centaurs got the best of her!I liked the book and movie.

cheryl said...