Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Let's talk about: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K Rowling

Can I just say that I love the new Harry Potter covers. 
We just finished reading The Goblet of Fire over the weekend and are making good progress on The Order of the Phoenix so I think we are definitely going to meet our goal of finishing the entire series this summer!
While this isn't one of my favorite Harry Potter books, I still love it. There isn't a single one that I don't love. 
Something kind of funny happened while reading it this time. 
At the end, you all know (even if you haven't read it, I'm sure) that a character dies. 
I have never cried over this character's death (except in the movie, more on that when I talk about the movie). I was sad about it ,of course, but it didn't move me to tears when reading the book. 
But that changed when reading it out loud to my daughters. When I got to the part where this character died, I looked up at my oldest who had gasped. She stuck out her bottom lip and made a very sad pouting face. She didn't cry. But seeing the death through her eyes felt so different. 
I still didn't have tears running down my cheeks or anything, but my eyes did well up and I felt very emotional. 

We discussed the book in length afterward and both girls really liked it. 
They are starting to go a little crazy with their stars now. Abi gave it 6,752 stars whilst Maddy gave it a cool 2 Million, 215 infinity, and 6. 
I am so glad that they are both enjoying them again since I thought we would be going forward without the 5 year old. It is so much fun to have them begging for chapters throughout the day... because they do. 
Whenever I finish a chapter (has anyone ever noticed before how LONG the Harry Potter chapters are. I never really noticed until I started reading them out loud.) the girls both chant, "Another chapter! Let's Go!!"
And throughout our day if there is ever a moment that they catch me not doing anything in particular they beg for me to come sit down with them and read. It is hard to argue with that!

*Anyone reading along yet?
*What are your thoughts on this book?