Sunday, July 5, 2015

Let's talk about: About Time

When this movie came out I really wanted to see it. But I didn't get around to it. 
Last week I finally sat down to watch it. 
And I absolutely loved it. 
Doug watched it with me too and was really surprised that he loved it as well. 

 About Time is the story of Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson).
At age 21, his father (Bill Nighy) reveals to him that all of the men in the family have the ability to travel through time. 
They can't change history but they can change what happens in their own life. 
At first Tim doesn't believe him which was one of my favorite scenes of the film. 
The rapport between Domhnall and Bill as father and son is flawless. 

Tim decides that if he is going to travel through time it will be to help himself get a girlfriend. 
But he finds that is harder than it seems. 
We follow Tim as he moves from the Cornwall coast to London as he trains as a lawyer. 
Tim meets Mary (Rachel McAdams) and they fall in love. 
But it doesn't all go as planned. 

The film is smart, heartwarming, romantic, and perfectly cast. 
It isn't only a love story between Tim and Mary. 

That is obviously a huge part of it. 
And a good part. 
But my favorite thing about the film is the relationship between Tim and his father. 

The film is directed by Richard Curtis. He also directed Notting Hill and Love Actually and this film feels a lot like both of those movies. 
He is really good at making every moment of a movie count toward the greater whole. 
And, like I said, this cast is perfect. 
Domhnall was on my radar because of his role in Harry Potter (he played Bill Weasley). But this film shot him up to the top of the list of actors I want to watch. He is so good in this film. 
So, so good. 

As with any movie that contains certain elements, I feel the need to warn you that it is rated R. 
There is slight nudity though no full nudity. 
The couple are seen in bed but with a blanket covering them. The wife is topless at one point but does cover herself. 
There is some talk of sex in the film and some swearing. 
The main reason I think it is rated R is because there is one character that is an angry fellow who likes to say the F word. I believe it was said 5 times in the film.It might have been more.

That being said, I still walked away from this film feeling uplifted and inspired, especially when it comes to living your life appreciatively, to its fullest, and cherishing your loved ones. 

Watch the trailer below:

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