Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Let's talk about: How I became a Whovian

A few years ago I became curious about Doctor Who
A lot of people were recommending it to me and it was on Netflix. 
I got on Facebook and asked what season I should start with since there classic episodes and a newer reboot.
It was unanimous that I should start with the 2005 reboot. 
The first episode is called "Rose". 
Billie Piper stars as Rose Tyler, a young shop girl living a very ordinary life in modern day Britain. One night she is pulled into a crazy adventure with a man called the Doctor and her life is never the same again. 
The Doctor in this reboot is Christopher Eccleston. 
I started watching thinking, "I am going to love this!"
But I didn't. 

 I actually only watched a little under half of the episode before turning it off. 
It felt like I was watching something from the eighties or early nineties. 
The special effects, the props, everything seemed really cheap and cheesy. 
The acting was fine. Maybe a little cheesy itself.. but given the premise of the episode that is understandable. 
A few months later after more and more people telling me to stick with it and try again, I found an article about the first season. The person said the same things that I had thought watching it for the first time. 
But then they kept watching it. They said that after a few episodes they were drawn in to the show and by a particular episode called "The Empty Child" they were hooked. 
I decided to give it another try. 
Once again, the first episode was a real stretch for me. 
But I found that with each episode it got better. This was probably because I really liked Rose and the Doctor. They were very endearing.
And the article was exactly right. By "The Empty Child" I was completely hooked. 

A couple years later my mom expressed an interest in the show but I wasn't sure how she would like it so I decided to start her on one of my favorite episodes, "Blink". 
She liked it a lot. So, I showed her another of my very favorite episodes, "Vincent and the Doctor". 
By this time she really liked the show already so I took her back to the start. 
Because she knew what was coming it was a lot easier for her to fall right into the show. 

If you want to try out Doctor Who and see if it might be your thing... 
I recommend watching one of those two episodes first. Then go back! Make sure you do go back. 
Even though the first season is cheesy and low budget, it will grow on you!

*Are you a Whovian? 
*Which episode did you start with? 
*Do you have a favorite episode?


The Kings said...

Yep...I am a Whovian...thanks to you! and I love it. That was my first Doctor, whom I loved and hated to see regenerate (but grew to love all the Doctors. However I am not sure about the new one...only seen him in one episode). And Rose became my favorite assistant. Thank you for introducing me!!

cheryl said...

You're welcome! So glad you joined the club!:)

Seth and Julie said...

I have had people give me looks of outright disgust when I admit that I know NOTHING about Dr. Who. I kept hearing the world Tardis and finally had to ask someone what the heck they were talking about. I still don't know what it means, but someone did show me a picture of it. I have had people literally beg me to watch any season, any episode, old or new but I just can't muster up an ounce of interest. What do you think? Would I love it or hate it?

cheryl said...

To be honest, Julie, I don't think you would like it. I know you don't watch a lot of movies and television and it really is a science fiction/fantasy type of show with all the different species, aliens, time travel. So, you might like it but I don't really see it as your type of thing.