Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Let's talk about: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

 This morning the first thing my daughter said to me when she woke up was "We need to finish Harry Potter right now."
We had just two chapters of The Prisoner of Azkaban left and I could understand her urgency. 
After breakfast I put off some of our other activities and we got comfy to finish the book. 

This is probably my favorite book in the series. 
It might be tied with a couple of others but I really love this one. 
I was so excited through most of the book for all of the reveals that I knew were coming. 
I also loved introducing them to Sirius and Remus Lupin. 
Lupin is one of my very favorite characters so it made me so happy to be reading about his first moments with Harry again. 

Abi took my scarf off the shelf and wore it on her head pretty much every time we were reading this book. 

I didn't think Madeline would want to be in on the rest of the books but she sat in on most of it and then declared at the end of the book that she would give it infinity plus 200 stars (which led to a conversation between the two of them where Abi tried in vain to convince Maddy that infinity was the highest she could go) so I guess she liked this one the most as well. 

Abi declared this book was worth 360 stars and was the best book ever.

Afterward they begged to watch the movie so we made up some chocolate frogs and settled in for a very lazy morning. We haven't finished it yet but will probably have to do that later today.

*What are your thoughts on this book? 
*Are you reading along yet?
*Do you love Remus Lupin as much as I do?

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The Kings said...

It and the movie are great. And I do like Lupin alot!