Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Let's talk about: At Home with Beatrix Potter by Susan Deyer

 At Home with Beatrix Potter by Susan Denyer is a wonderfully detailed book exploring Beatrix Potter's life, family, the furnishings that she used in Hill Top farm, Hill Top's gardens, the farming life that Beatrix came to love, and the area in the lake districts that she called home. 
Susan Denyer is World Heritage Adviser for the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), Paris, and Secretary of ICOMOS-UK. On the back of the book is says, "During the years she worked for the National Trust she was closely involved with the restoration of the Hill Top interior, and helped to set up the Beatrix Potter Gallery in Hawkshead."
It also says that the book was published in association with the National Trust. 
It is very apparent when reading the book that she knows what she is talking about and has a huge depth of knowledge of Beatrix, Hill Top, and all of the furnishings inside of it. 

The book is full of beautiful photography.

One of my favorite things about the book is how they will show drawings that Beatrix painted next to the pictures of the real thing, whether that is a view of the scenery or a part of her house that was used in a book. 

 I also loved reading about how she picked different pieces of furniture to finish Hill Top and finding out where they came from and what they meant to her. 
I feel like after reading this book my visit to Hill Top will be even more rich and interesting.

The book takes you on a tour through the house looking at each room and talking about almost everything in it. It is so interesting. 
And we are also treated to a tour through her garden. 

If you are interested in Beatrix or Hill Top (or both!) you will not regret reading this book! 
It is fantastic. 


The Kings said...

I am so looking forward to visiting with you!

cheryl said...

Me too!