Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Let's talk about: Poldark series premiere

 With the premiere of the BBC series Poldark on PBS this weekend, I knew I needed to watch it. 
I didn't know anything about Poldark going into this. 
I haven't read the books. I haven't seen the original series. 
I was able to watch it on PBS online for free. 

Poldark is a British drama adapted from Winston Graham's novels.
In the series premiere, Ross Poldark returns to Cornwall, England after fighting in the American Revolution. 
I found this really interesting because as the fourth of July approaches I have been wondering what it was like in England, especially for those who fought in the American Revolution, after we won. 
I have been researching it a bit and hopefully will have a post up about my findings/ thoughts on that in the next couple of weeks. 
Ross Poldark didn't seem to believe in England's reason for fighting. He more than once makes a comment about tyranny and that England chose the wrong side. 

When he arrives home, he finds that his family and friends thought he was dead. 
His father has died and his estate is in ruin. The woman he was in love with is now engaged to his cousin. 
Poldark has to face the challenges this new life holds for him. 
Poldark is played by Aidan Turner. I really loved watching him in this role. I think he is going to be great in this show and it is really fun to watch my favorite dwarf (he was Kili in The Hobbit!) again. 

 I can't say that it pulled me in the same way some other BBC dramas have, but it did pique my interest and I will continue to watch it to see what happens and how the characters develop. 

*Did you watch the premiere?
*What did you think?


Donna said...

He was my favorite dwarf too and I was so sad when he died!
Anyway, I've been excited about this show. I had never even heard of Poldark before this spring. I DVR'd the first episode and I haven't watched it yet. But I have a feeling that I'm gonna love it. I'm so glad you did a post about it!

cheryl said...

Me too. I was so sad in the book and then when they got Aiden to play him in the movies it just made it even harder!
You'll have to let us know what you think after you watch it!