Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Let's talk about: Escape to the Country

Over the weekend I discovered a show I really love. 
I watch it on YouTube on the channel TheOloxxl.
It is called Escape to the Country. 

Escape to the Country is a BBC series in which a host helps people to house hunt for their perfect country home. 
So far I have watched episodes that have been in England, Wales, and Scotland. 
The prospective home buyers are shown three homes. 
The first two tend to line up with exactly what they want and have asked for. 
The third one that they call the Mystery House usually has some element to it that it is different from their list of wants (maybe it is just across a border into another county for example) but is usually really well suited to the buyers. 

I have seen at least four different hosts , all of whom I have liked, but so far my favorite is Jules Hudson. 
He is s an English archaeologist, television producer, and presenter. 

My favorite thing about him is how he responds to comments from the house buyers by saying "Isn't it just." It sounds so British. I love it. 

This show is very different from the typical American home buying show for many reasons. 
First, not only do they take the buyers around to the three homes, but they also have one to two segments about the history or culture from the particular area. 
Also, the buyers don't pick a house at the end. 
Sometimes it will have a follow up voice over at the end letting you know if anything came of the showings, but most of the time it doesn't. You usually know whether the buyers are going to pursue one particular house or not, but sometimes you don't even know that. 
I don't think it would do well in America for that reason because most of our shows seem to be motivated by "which one will the person pick". 
I kind of like that about the show. 

I always have my favorite house and ,to be honest, I am pretty sure I could happily live in about 80% of the houses I have seen on it so far. 

It is also interesting to see how different the British homes are from those in the United States. 
Our mindset here tends to be the bigger the better. 
The homes shown on this show seem to mostly be much smaller and they will go into a room that seems small to my eyes and exclaim over how spacious it is. 
I love that as well. 

I have really enjoyed every episode I have watched. I love seeing how each home is so different from the last and seeing the beautiful countryside of each place they visit. 

 If you enjoy property-type shows or just want to look at some cool homes I suggest watching some of these episodes! 
 There are a lot of episodes on TheOloxxl!
Check them out and let me know what you think!

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