Friday, June 5, 2015

Let's talk about: Far from the Madding Crowd

Last night I went to the theater to see Far From The Madding Crowd. 
Usually if I see a movie that is an adaptation from a novel, I read the book first. 
This was an exception. 
I have never read the book nor have I seen the other version of this film. 
So I went in not knowing anything about this story besides what I saw in the trailer. 
That was kind of fun. 

Far From the Madding Crowd tells the story of independent, stubborn, and strong-willed Bathsheba Everdene (played by the captivating and beautiful Carey Mulligan) and her three suitors. 
Each one of the men are very different from each other. 

 First, we have Gabriel Oak (played by the very handsome Matthias Schoenaerts whom I have never seen in anything before), a sheep farmer.

Gabriel was my favorite. He was so strong in a very silent and endearing way. 
He really understood Bathsheba and I felt like he was the only one who really did. 
I was so mad at her every time she walked away from this guy.

" I'm not going to tell stories just to please you. You can be sure of that."

Next, there is William Boldwood (played by Michael Sheen), a rich and older bachelor. 

While he wasn't my choice for Bathsheba, I really liked William. 
He obviously adored her. 
You know he would do anything for her. 
And I really love a scene in the film where they sing together. 

"I want... very much to protect you. For the rest of your life."

Then we had Frank Troy (Tom Sturridge), a bold and reckless Sergeant. 

Troy excites Bathsheba with his strong personality and outspoken admiration. 
Easily my least favorite of the three. 
In fact, I did not like him at all. 
And yet, they give us glimpses into his past that make you feel sorry for him as well. 

"You've never seen you through a man's eyes. It's like not being able to think."

The movie takes us through Bathsheba's choices and explores her relationships with each of these men. We watch as she learns about love.

The movie was mostly filmed outside and the scenery is stunning. 
The highest praise I can give for a book to film movie is that I am definitely going to read the book now!
This movie is worth the trip to the theater.


Donna said...

I wish this movie were showing somewhere around me. I'm going to watch it when it comes out on video (that sounds so old-fashioned, doesn't it?). And I'm planning on reading the book this summer before I see it. It sounds good!

cheryl said...

It's not playing near you? How strange!
I think you will like it.
I am definitely reading the book sometime this summer before I watch it again.

The Kings said...

It was such a good movie! My favorite was also Gabriel! I want to read the book now.

Donna said...

Yeah, it's in limited release. :(

cheryl said...

Darn. That stinks!