Monday, June 15, 2015

A Scottish Festival

This past weekend I went with my family to a Scottish Festival being held near our home. 
We had never been to one here before so we were excited to see what it would be like. 

When we first got there we walked around watching the people taking part in different challenges. 
They looked so hard. 

We walked around and looked at all the tents with merchandise although we didn't buy anything. And we looked at the tents set up for different clans. 
It was pretty hot and we decided that since my husband was most excited about seeing the opening ceremonies we would go over to the seating area for that and get good seats. 
We brought along a lunch so we had something to do during our long wait. 
This guy behind my daughters was playing for quite a while. It was really fun to listen to him. 

Before the ceremony started they did a check to make sure everything about this group's uniforms were correct. 

I thought this guy was awesome. 

Just before it was time to start, they stuffed the cannon. 

There was a parade of clans. 

Then a flag march. 
They sang the National anthems of the United States, England, and Scotland.

Then came the bands. 
It was really incredible to see so many pipes and drums all at once. 

The cool guy was back... even cooler. 

Obviously, I took a lot of photos. 
This was a really fun thing to experience. 
Hopefully someday Doug will be out there with them!


The Kings said...

I am glad you had so much fun...and it is great to expose the girls to some of their heritage!

cheryl said...

Yes. It was nice. They were a little bored to be honest but I think they will love it as they get older.
When Maddy first heard them playing Amazing Grace she piped up "Daddy! That sounds like you!" And that was really cute.

Donna said...

That looks like it was really neat! I like Scottish stuff--it's in my heritage too!

cheryl said...

It was really cool. We found out later that there were more kid things to do that we didn't know about at the time. So next year it should be even more fun.