Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Let's talk about: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling

We finished our first book for our Harry Potter Summer read-a-long!
On Monday afternoon my daughters and I sat down and finished the last two chapters of the first Harry Potter book. 
I really enjoyed watching their reactions. 
When Harry made it into the final room in the second to last chapter and it reads, "There was already someone there- but it wasn't Snape. It wasn't even Voldemort.", Abi gasped out loud. 
I said, "That's the end of the chapter!"
She begged for that last chapter to finish the book. So cute. 

Overall, I just really loved sharing this book with them. 
I can still remember what it was like the first time I read it. I was drawn in immediately and I was twenty years old! So I can only imagine what it is like to encounter this magical tale at such a young age. 
I think J.K. Rowling has created timeless characters that everyone can relate to and care about.

After re-reading I am sticking with my 5 star rating of this book. 
We sat down together that night and had our Bookworm club meeting. 
We ate almost every flavor jelly beans and talked about their feelings and reactions.
I asked them what their favorite parts were and who was their favorite character. 
Abigail (my 9 year old) said that Hermione was her favorite character because, "She is smart and like me!" (I loved this. Especially since Hermione is my favorite character as well. )

Madeline (my 5 year old) said that the teddy bear that Hagrid gave to Norbert the Dragon was her favorite thing because "It is a super cute teddy bear!" (Hahahaha)

Abigail really liked Fluffy and every scene involving Fred and George. 
She thought they were hilarious. 

Maddy was scared of Fluffy but that seemed to be the only thing that scared her. 
So, while Abi gave the book 5 stars, Maddy said she wanted to give it 3 because of Fluffy. 

I hope if any of you have decided to re-read this summer that you are having as much fun with it as we are!
*Are you re-reading with us?
*Who was your favorite character when you read the first book for the first time?
*Are they still your favorite character?


The Kings said...

Harry was my favorite character at first but that list is a bit longer now!! I want to start reading the books again but right now I am going through the movies again. I love them! I had a Book Party with my Activity Days girls yesterday and several of them talked about how much they love Harry Potter books and movies!

cheryl said...

I love that kind of activity!
Harry Potter seems to be one of those things that is just universal. So many different ages and types of people love it!