Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Let's talk about: Scariest Doctor Who Episodes

Doctor Who doesn't usually scare me. The villains, to me, are usually more funny, weird, or annoying (I'm looking at you Dalek's). But occasionally there will be an episode that truly scares me. 
In a good way though. I don't like being terrified so these are five of the episodes that had me "deliciously scared". 

Season 1: Episode 9, "The Empty Child" 

This is also the first episode that I absolutely loved. It is probably the episode that I could pinpoint as the moment I realized I was hooked on the show. 
The Doctor and Rose visit London in 1941. Rose goes after a child calling for help and then we are treated to a creepy child in a gas mask constantly asking for his "mummy". 
To this day I cannot see a gas mask without saying, "Mummy? Are you my mummy?"

Season 2: Episode 2, "Tooth and Claw"

The Doctor and Rose arrive in 19th century Scotland and run into Queen Victoria. 
They end up having to try to protect her and themselves from a werewolf and a bunch of assassin monks. 
The werewolf turns out to actually be quite scary looking but they are still able to do the episode family friendly. 

Season 3: Episode 10, "Blink"

"Blink" is a very different episode because the Doctor and his companion, Martha, are hardly in it. The main character in this episode is Sally Sparrow, played by one of my favorites- Carey Mulligan. 
 Sally Sparrow receives a message from the doctor, "Don't blink. Blink and you're dead..."
The doctor and Martha can't help her as they are trapped in 1969 and Sally is in 2007. 
This episode is one of my two favorites of all time. 
 And, in my opinion, the Weeping Angels are the scariest Doctor Who villain. 

Season 4: Episode 8, "Silence in the Library" 
(and the following episode "Forest of the Dead")

The Doctor and Donna arrive in the 51st century to see the greatest library in the universe. 
When they arrive they find it empty. As far as the Doctor can tell, it seems to have been closed for 100 years. A team of archaeologists show up while they are there and one of them, River Song, knows the Doctor although he doesn't know her. They try to find out why the library and the city it is in seem to be empty.
"Count the shadows."

Season 5: "The Time of Angels" 
(and the following episode, "Flesh and Stone")

The Doctor and Amy are taken in the TARDIS to a beach where they meet up with River Song and 
some soldiers and set out to find a Byzantium spaceship that has wrecked. 
The Weeping Angels are back for this episode and that immediately adds it to my list!

There are a few other ones that could easily be added to this list but I will leave it at these five. 
*If you watch Doctor Who, which episodes scared you the most? 


The Kings said...

The episodes with Daleks are good. I liked the Empty Child and Blink. I can't think of the others but it made me want to watch them all again plus the new ones.

cheryl said...

I know. If we didn't have so many other things to watch when we are together it would be time for a re-watch!:)