Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween is almost here!

I didn't have a chance to make these crackers this year but it is on my list for next year! These look like so much fun. 

(photo from Martha Stewart tutorial)

Check this tutorial out here. 

Here are some more fun Halloween ideas from around the web:

Some fun British themed pumpkin carvings from Buzzfeed-

And some more British costume ideas: 

This family costume idea is awesome. 

The following found on Buzzfeed: 

And some more awesome Polyvore ideas:

 I hope you all will enjoy this last week in our Halloween celebration!


The Kings said...

Really fun blog! I liked those Crackers! And the Jack-o-lanterns and outfits / costumes!

cheryl said...

We definitely have to make Halloween crackers next year! Now that I have seen the tutorial I will plan it in to next year's festivities.