Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Let's Talk About: Being Human

I have been curious about the BBC show Being Human for a while. There are five seasons beginning in 2008 and ending in 2013. I was able to watch the first episode on Netflix. 
It begins by showing a young girl, Annie (played by Lenora Crichlow), laying on the floor. She is obviously dead and while she speaks in voice over format it shows her at her own funeral/wake in her house trying to get the people there to see her. She has become a ghost. 
She then narrates the stories of the two men-  George (played by Russel Tovey) and Mitchell (played by Aidan Turner). Mitchell was in war and was turned into a vampire. George was turned into a werewolf while on vacation in Scotland. 
George and Mitchell have somehow met each other (not sure how yet) and are moving into the flat that Annie lived in and now haunts. They can see her. 
It then goes forward to them having been together for awhile. 
She seems really happy and other people are actually starting to be able to see her as well. You find this out when a pizza man delivers a pizza and she answers the door, overly excited about the fact that he can see her. I don't think she can leave the home. 
George and Mitchell both work in a hospital. 
The first episode takes us through one of George's transitions into his werewolf form, some bad vampires trying to get Mitchell to start feeding more, and Annie seeing her ex- fiance and being overwhelmed by emotions that she didn't realize she would have when she saw him, and he couldn't see her still. I am not sure I trust her ex.
I really enjoyed this episode. I am planning on watching some more to see where it goes. 
There were only a few parts that were a little grosser than I hoped but for the most part it was pretty tame. I am hoping it stays that way so I can continue to watch. 
It seems like the perfect television show for the Halloween season!

*Have you seen this show?


The Kings said...

Nope. And probably won't!:-)

cheryl said...

Yeah you probably wouldn't like it. :)