Monday, October 12, 2015

Let's talk about: Halloween Costumes: Doctor Who Themed

 It's that time of year! Time to decide on your costume for Halloween. I have been looking at a lot of British related costumes this year and have found so many cute ones! 
Here are some of my favorite Doctor Who themed ideas: 

This 11th doctor idea can be found on Polyvore here.


Or go more simply with just paint and cardboard!

Some more cool ideas that I couldn't find links for: 

Do you have any favorite Doctor Who costumes?


The Kings said...

I liked the outfits of Rose and River Song. I also liked the skirt with the suspenders in the beginning!

cheryl said...

Me too! You should dress like River song this year! I could help you curl your hair!!:)

Donna said...

I want to start watching Doctor Who at some point. I have a feeling that I'd really like it! Those costumes are cool.