Saturday, August 22, 2015

Let's talk about: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part one

We are almost at the end of our Harry Potter summer journey. 
We have finished Deathly Hallows, part one and will be finishing the second part this weekend. 
I think they did an especially good job on these last two movies. 
I have heard people complain about movies being broken up into two since it has become a popular thing to do... but you know what? I like it when they do it! I don't particularly like waiting a year in between for them to come out, but I love that they can add more of the story. 
I mean, they still left stuff out. They still had to change some things to make it short enough for two films so I can't imagine if they had only made one film for this book. 

*Spoilers ahead*

We start out with Harry about to leave the Dursley's home for the last time. 
I do kind of wish that they had shown the character growth of Dudley. 
I wish they had given him his line, "I don't think you are a waste of space."

I loved the Seven Harry's scene. It is so funny and they executed it so well. Major props to Daniel Radcliffe for having to play seven different characters in this scene!

 Along the journey to the Burrow we lose a few characters. 
Maddy could not come in the room until Hedwig's death was over. She did not want to see it. 

I love the storyline of our main three getting ready to go on a quest rather than back to school for their last year and I found myself thinking about them during the will reading scene. 
As they sat on the couch together I kept thinking about how friends come into your life. How one day you don't know someone and then years later they have become a huge part of your life. 
That was done so well with these three. We watch them grow over the years from young kids just showing up for an education to three teenagers leaving childhood behind to save everyone. Their personalities are so different and yet complement each other so well. 
These three actors personified the characters they were playing. 
It feels so genuine.

I have always loved all three characters but Hermione is my favorite. Maybe it's because I am a bookworm and I love learning so I always related the most to her. 
But I also loved those boys. 
In this story, first in the books and then in this film, I think we see how each of them deal with the fear and sacrifice they will be facing. 
Harry worries about everyone. He doesn't have a family to speak of (the Dursleys hardly feel like family). He has already lost his. But he has all of these people that are like family to him that are now risking their lives for this cause that he feels is his fault and responsibility. He has the weight of their world on his shoulders. 
Ron wants to be there for his friends but he also has to worry about what is going on back at home. He has such a large family and has to worry about each one of them, wondering if he will ever see them again. He also deals with so much self doubt. I think he often feels like he is the one that shouldn't be there. The one that can't contribute. And yet he does. He is such an important part of their trio.
And Hermione, in what I think is an often glossed over sacrifice, erases herself entirely from her parents memories to protect them. I often have thought about that and how hard that would be. 
She knows that not only is it probable that she might never see them again, but if something happens to her they won't even care because they won't remember her. That would have been a heartbreaking decision to make.

Of course, the film moves on quickly with their quest for the horcruxes.
I won't go through everything but I will mention one of my favorite parts. 
I think their depiction of the Tale of the Three Brothers and the Deathly Hallows was brilliant. 
I love the animation that they used and the fact that they just didn't tell us the story but showed it in such a creative way. 
Abi said, "Well, that was creepier than I imagined it when you were reading it!"
And it really is. But it is awesome.

I wish I could talk about so much more of the film but that would take so long!
I will leave with one other thought I had on seeing this film the first time and that is...
Dang. Scabior is cute. Too bad he is such a bad guy. 

Am I right? Or... am I the only one that thought this??

I think they ended it at a good spot in the story that left us dying to see the rest! So glad that our daughters don't have to wait as long in between parts as I did!

Here is the original trailer:

*Did you like this film? 
*What were your favorite parts?
*Are there any parts they left out that you really missed?


The Kings said...

I just recently watched the movie and love it. It was produced so well...I enjoyed it all. I don't think I can pick out any part I like better however I was very sad when Dobby died.

cheryl said...

Me too.