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Let's talk about: David Tennant

David Tennant was born on April 18, 1971 in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland.
 At that time his name was David McDonald. He would later choose his acting surname from Neil Tennant, singer of the Pet Shop Boys. He learned that he would have to change his professional name in order to join the actors' union, Equity, because there was already a David McDonald registered with them. He was reading an interview with Neil Tennant and decided to go with that. 

When he was about 3-4 years old he decided he wanted to become an actor because of his love of the show Doctor Who
"I was hugely formed by stories I was told as a child whether that was in a book, the cinema, theatre or television and probably television more than any medium is what influenced me as a child and formed my response to literature, story-telling and, therefore, the world around me.
I remember a conversation with my parents about who the people on the TV were, and learning they were actors and they acted out this story and just thinking that was the most fantastic notion, and that's what I want to do."

He attended Paisley Grammar school and during his years there he wrote about how he wanted to become a professional actor and play the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who
I think that is amazing. In my opinion it really adds something magical to his future career. 

His first acting job came when he was 16.  He attended the youth group theater run by the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama on the weekends (now RSAMD). He was the youngest student to ever win a place at the school and started as a full time drama student when he was 17. 

" Drama school is a pretty intense experience and I think it changes who you are. I think I grew up at drama school (which was fairly useful personally as much as professionally) and I certainly got exposed to a huge range of ideas, techniques, and practices that I had no previous experience of. I wouldn't have known what I was doing as an actor if I hadn't gone."

He worked regularly in theater and television after leaving drama school. His first big break was in 1994 when he played the lead role in the Scottish drama, Takin' Over the Asylum. He then moved to London. He spent several years as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and was very successful there. He began to make a name for himself with his roles in the TV dramas Blackpool and Casanova. 
In 2003 he was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Best Actor of 2002 for his role in Lobby Hero performed at the Donmar Warehouse and the New Ambassador's Theatre's. 

In 2005, his childhood dream finally came to fruition. 
David was chosen to play the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who

 " I have such fond memories of watching 'Doctor Who' when I was a kid and growing up, that if I've left anybody anywhere with memories as fond, then I feel like I've done my job. "

He was the Doctor from 2005-2010 which makes him one of the longest running doctors. 
He brought something really special to this role. His quirkiness and excitement made him so much fun to watch. He really became the Doctor. It doesn't feel like he is playing a character. I think he swept us all away in the Tardis with him. We didn't want him to go.

He met his wife, Georgia Moffett, on the set of Doctor Who in November of 2007 when she played the role of his daughter.  In real life she is the daughter of former Doctor actor Peter Davison. They were married in 2011. He adopted her son, Tyler, and they have had two children together.

"If you can sell that you're the King of Scotland, or Henry V on a tiny stage in a studio theatre somewhere, then you can probably sell that you're a starship captain or a time traveler.
I've been quite lucky in that I've managed to tick off a few of my dream roles, really. Beyond that, you wait for the next script to come in that will have the dream role that you don't know exists yet, I suppose."

David has continued to do movies, television, and theater. 
In 2009 so many people wanted to seem him in the Royal Shakespearean Company Production of Hamlet that the London run at the Novello Theater sold out in three hours. 
He won the 2009 Critics Choice Award for Best Shakespearean Performance for this role.

" I love characters who are clever and smart, and you have to run to catch up with. I think there's something very appealing and rather heroic in that."

I haven't seen a lot of David's work yet. I have a lot of watching to do! But I do have two other favorites that he was in besides Doctor Who.
These should come as no surprise to anyone. 
They are:

1. Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

Obviously not because I like the character but because he was so good at playing him. 

2. James Arber in The Decoy Bride:



I have already expressed my love for this film on the blog. He is fantastic in it. 

I can't wait to see more from David! He is truly a tremendous talent!

*What are your favorite films and television shows starring David Tennant?
*Have you watched him as the Doctor?


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