Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Let's talk about: Downton Abbey Season Three

I wanted to sit down after having finished season three of Downton Abbey with my mom and do an overview of the season much like I did with season two. 
But I can hardly bring myself to do it.
Because although there were so many things that happened this season (good and bad) they are all overshadowed by the two events that broke my heart!

*Major Spoilers Ahead*




At this point in the show I had exactly two main favorite characters. 
There were a lot of characters I loved (and still do) but two that I just adored. 
Sybil and Matthew.

Let's talk about Sybil. 
Sybil is the most beautiful (in my opinion), kind, and generous of the sisters. 
I love her and Tom together. 
I was so happy that they were having a baby and that they ended up back at Downton. 
Then that episode. 

We were given this wonderful moment of Tom and Sybil with their adorable little baby girl. 
But then you knew there was too much build up and drama to have her just have the baby and then be okay so I was very nervous. 
And for good reason.
Losing Sybil was absolutely heartbreaking. 
Made the more so, I think, because of the incredibly heart wrenching acting of Allen Leech. 

Then we get the reactions from the rest of the house and that just added to it. Sybil was a character that was loved by everyone. You know that you have lost a good person when even Thomas, who sometimes can be so heartless, is heartbroken. 

So we dealt with this heartbreak. 
We moved on. 
Mary finally gets pregnant. 
Everything is looking up. 
I don't think I am alone in the fact that I was worried that something was going to happen to the baby or Mary after what they did to us with Sybil. Every time she acted a little off  I worried. 
Then I was on a friend's blog and saw a comment that said that Matthew died. 
I didn't want to believe it so I let myself believe that they would end the episode and season on a cliff hanger to make us think that he died.
 I was waiting for the rest of the season to see what would happen. 

Then Mary had their baby. 

This was such a beautiful moment with this little family. 
You are allowed to be so happy for them while you are watching. 
Then he started driving home. And I just knew.....
Then it happened. 
I was still waiting for the credits to roll and we wouldn't know for sure.
Then they showed him. And I knew he was really dead. 
And I lost it.
I have to say that is the hardest I have ever cried over a fictional character. 
It was bad. 

This time, watching with my mom, I didn't cry quite as hard. But I did still cry. 
It is just so, so sad. 

Oh Downton, why did you have to break my heart like this?

*Did you know what was coming when you watched Season three?
*Which was the hardest death for you?
*Did you cry as hard as I did?


The Kings said...

It was so hard to lose Sybil but I still am thinking "Nooooo" to Matthew's death. Cruel.

cheryl said...


Donna said...

I didn't enjoy the entire last episode of Season 3. I was so nervous the whole time about when and how Matthew would die. I hated it and was so mad at Dan Stevens for deciding to leave the show. Maybe I will forgive him if he does a superb job playing Beast in the upcoming live-action movie of Beauty and the Beast. :)

cheryl said...

I was that way too. Waiting and wondering when and how. So bad.
I'm glad that since he left the show that at least they had him die rather than leave the family or something. But yes, I don't think he should have left!
I cannot wait for Beauty and the Beast!