Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Let's talk about: Back to School!

 I know I have posted this video before but I am going to post it again!
My 4th grader started school last week and my youngest just started Kindergarten today! 
I always loved Back to School time (am I a freak?) because it meant seeing friends and getting new school supplies which is one of my favorite things!
So in honor of back to school season I wanted to re-post this video explaining a little bit about the British school system. 


The Kings said...

That was fun! Very different from our schools! Some things I like better...like uniforms.

cheryl said...

Me too. I was so against uniforms when I was in school and so glad we didn't have them but now looking back I realize how much easier it really would be. Especially in junior high and high school.
I kind of wish our kids had them!