Tuesday, December 15, 2015

On the Sixth day of Christmas.... The Life of Our Lord by Charles Dickens

Everyone knows about Charles Dickens' Christmas stories like A Christmas Carol (doesn't mean I won't talk about it another day!) but I don't know if everyone knows about this book. 
The Life of Our Lord was a book written by Charles Dickens for his children telling them the story of Jesus Christ from his birth through his resurrection. 
It was written during 1846-1849. 
He read it with his children every Christmas. 
I bought it a couple of years ago and have it stashed with my Christmas books but this year I took it out to read it again and realized this is a book I will now be leaving out all year long since it covers so much more than just the Christmas story. 
He doesn't embellish the story or add his own commentary. It is very straightforward and by the book. 
I think that his tradition of reading this to his family each year at Christmas could be a wonderful tradition that many families might really enjoy. 

This particular edition is absolutely beautiful. 
The cover has a really great texture to it. 
And this is what the first few inside pages look like...

The layout of the entire book is gorgeous with illustrations by Simon Dewey. 

This is a really quick read. I sat down with it on Sunday afternoon and had it finished in just over an hour. I think that it is a great addition to any bookshelf and would make a wonderful Christmas gift to any religious person on your list!


Donna said...

I love this book. It's beautifully simple. It was a favorite of President Hinckley's. Your copy is gorgeous! I got a copy when I was in college and it has a pretty cover, but I like yours better. I meant to read this to my kids this Christmas. I guess there's still time!

cheryl said...

I didn't know it was a favorite of President Hinckley. That is cool.
I do love looking through it at all of the paintings. Simon Dewey is so talented and all of the pictures have so much feeling painted into them.
Yes! There is still time. I was thinking of doing that too. A chapter a night or at least the birth parts.

The Kings said...

I so enjoy the book and was glad when we had it on our list in Book Club and I got to read it for the first time a few years ago.

cheryl said...

Me too. That was the first time I read it as well.