Wednesday, December 2, 2015

On the first day of Christmas... Festive Friends

On my last trip to London Market they had out their Christmas things. 
I picked up this box of biscuits by Cadbury called Festive Friends. 
I pulled them out this week for the family to try them. 

They are really cute. 
They are packaged in a sealed bag inside of the box. 

And they were in these shapes. 

They are partly covered in a very thin layer of chocolate. 
These were quite tasty.
To me, they tasted like shortbread cookies with a hint of coconut (although there is nothing about coconut in the ingredients so I don't know where I got that flavor from). 
Abigail and Madeline loved these so much. They are both now hoping that Santa will leave them each their own box in their stocking on Christmas morning. 
So, obviously these were a hit!

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