Friday, September 11, 2015

Read-a-thon Day 2 and 3

Sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday. It ended up being a very busy day. 
Wednesday I was able to read a lot, just like I thought I would be able to. 
Having Maddy home sick definitely made it an easy day to read. 
I loved the The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.
I was able to finish the book Wednesday night before bed! 

I think that most people know that the book is written in three parts. Two are told from the perspective of Gilbert. One part in the middle is written by Helen. I preferred the section written by Helen so I was a little disappointed when it went back to Gilbert's point of view but I understood why that had to happen and I still enjoyed it very much. 
I really liked this book from beginning to end and I am so glad I have finally read it!
I can't wait to visit the Bronte family parsonage next year in England. 

I didn't start my next book until yesterday. 
While I was blow drying my hair yesterday morning (any time can be a time to read!) I began the first chapter of Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy.

We had a really busy morning but I was able to finish the first chapter before taking Maddy to school. 
I really loved the first chapter. 
It will be interesting to read this because of seeing the movie first. 
I have noticed already that it is in my head as I am reading. 
I could see Matthias Schoenaerts in my mind as it was describing Farmer Oak.

I love his writing style so far. It is very descriptive and beautiful. 
I read a few passages from this chapter to Doug to show him how beautiful it was. 
However, I think it will take longer to read than the last book. 
The rest of yesterday was a fail for reading. 

I have been having a weird feeling in my ear/left side of face for a week so after dropping Maddy off at school I went into the Instacare just to get it looked at. The doctor said there was a lot of fluid in there but it wasn't infected so that is why it feels weird but not painful. 
He gave me a prescription for Prednisone for the next few days. 
Then I went grocery shopping and to pick up the prescription. 
It took so long that by the time I was done I had to be back at the school to pick up my daughters and didn't have time to even read in the car. 
We brought groceries home to put away and then went right back out to run some errands I needed to run with them and to go to the post office to mail a certain package to Donna!
By the time we got home it was dinner time. 
I figured that I would spend the evening reading but I just didn't feel like it. So I watched some dumb television instead and then went to bed as I was feeling quite tired. 
Unfortunately I could not sleep. I think it is a side effect of the medication but I don't even know if I slept at all. I think I may have had an hour or two. I thought about getting up to read in the middle of the night but I couldn't concentrate on the words. I was too tired to read and just couldn't fall asleep. Ugh. 
So yesterday I read one chapter. One. Not the best read-a-thon day ever. 
But today is a new day and since I was able to get all of the errands done yesterday I am hoping that I can spend at least a couple of hours reading today. 
My goal for the weekend is to finish this book. 
I am really hoping I can be in the third one by Sunday but we shall see!

*How is your week going?


Donna said...

I hope your ear is feeling better. I'm excited to get the package!

cheryl said...

Yay! Let me know when you get it!
It is a bit better. The medication has actually been worst than the ear though. It is feeling annoying today but hopefully it will clear up soon.

The Kings said...

I hope you get feeling all better soon! I am so glad you enjoyed "The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall". I really loved that book!!!

cheryl said...