Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Let's talk about: Jean at BookishThoughts

I have another YouTube recommendation for you today. 
I recently started watching Jean at Bookishthoughts and she has quickly become another favorite of mine to watch for book recommendations and fun bookish videos. 

Jean is adorable. She is a lot of fun to watch because she is very natural and down to earth and has an awesome Scottish accent. She actually reminds me a TON of Karen Gillan (Amy Pond on Doctor Who). 
On Twitter her description of herself is this:

 "Part time youtuber. Full time student. Wannabe scholar. Imaginary dragon. Lifetime nerd."

My favorite thing about watching her is that she is quite different from a lot of the booktubers her age that I watch. Her videos tend to have very different kinds of books than a lot of the other videos. 
She studies ancient Greek and Latin literature and so she has reviews for books in those genres that you really don't get anywhere else. At the same time, she loves Fantasy so there is a lot of that thrown in there as well. 
She was one of the booktubers chosen to be a reader for the Man Booker prize this year as well.  

Her videos are intelligent and fun and she really seems like someone you could just hang out and talk to for hours about books. 

Here are a few examples of her videos:

Underhyped Readathon To be Read:

An introduction to Ancient Poetry: 

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