Friday, September 4, 2015

Let's talk about: Deathly Hallows, part Two

As you all know we have been reading and watching Harry Potter all summer long. 
We recently finished them and were able to watch both Deathly Hallows movies. 
I was pretty excited to watch Deathly Hallows part 2 with Abi and Maddy for the first time. It is always fun to see what their reaction is to seeing the books on screen. 


I think this movie is done so well. 
Our trio of heroes continue to fulfill their quest. 
We follow them on their journey, finally ending at Hogwarts. 

My favorite parts of this movie are finally seeing the smaller characters that don't always get as much respect/attention rising to their potential. 
Especially Neville. 

I love how he is finally given the chance to shine and really do something important. 
I have always loved his character and I just love his story arc. 

Of course, this movie has a whole lot of heartbreak as well. 
We know, going into it that we are going to have to watch some of our beloved characters die. 

More tears were shed. I can say there was a bit of snuggling during the end of the movie because it is hard to watch your "friends" die on film. 

The main thing I can say about this film is that they have , through the years, compiled such an amazing cast. They have filled these movies with the settings and characters from our imaginations in such a wonderful way that it is so hard to see it end. 
I could continue to read about and watch Harry Potter forever. Really. If J.K Rowling wanted to keep writing books about this world for the rest of her life and they wanted to keep making the movies of them (as long as they were as good or better than these ones) I would happily continue to support them. 

Just like in the book, one of my favorite parts of the movie is when we finally see Snape's memories and find out more about his story. 

 His is such a tragic love story. 

His last moments with Lily remind me of this: 

I love the ending of the book and I am so glad they kept the movie so similar. 
I think it is so appropriate to end the movie with the three that have stuck by each other and been there since the start. 

I will conclude this with two videos that I love. 
Some people have put together some videos on YouTube with scenes from the movie and some really powerful songs. Watching these gives me all the feels (and goosebumps) so I wanted to share them with you on here in case you haven't seen them before. 

First my favorite... it always makes me tear up. 
Set to Adele singing "Sky Fall"

And then there is this one set to Imagine Dragons "Bleeding Out". 

And finally, the original trailer for the movie: 

*What are your thoughts on Deathly Hallows, part two?
*Were there any things they left out that you wished had been in the film? Or parts you didn't like? 
*What are your favorite scenes?


Donna said...

It was an awesome movie. I got so excited when each of the movies came out in the theaters, and I hadn't even read the books (except for the first one). I will read them all at some point though.

cheryl said...

Every time I read them I remember how much I absolutely love them. This time especially. Right now my family will be in Potter mania for a while. Abi likens everything to the books and characters.

The Kings said...

I loved the books and the movies so much! i agree that is more books and movies were made I would continue with them.