Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Let's talk about: Outlander, the tv series

Quite a few years ago I began reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I didn't finish it because I am not really a fan of sex in books. 
But after a few years of having it recommended over and over I picked it up again. 
This time I ended up really liking it. 
When I heard that they were making it into a TV series I became very curious. 
We don't have cable so I couldn't watch it on starz but I put volume one on hold at the library as soon as they had it. I have been waiting for months!
Finally this past weekend it came in and I knew I needed to watch them fast because I wouldn't be able to renew it. 
So for the past five nights or so I have been watching about two episodes a night. 

I really like it. 
The funny thing is that Doug does too. 
I didn't expect him to sit down and watch them with me but as soon as he heard the bagpipes and Scottish accents he was hooked. 
(Doug is learning the bagpipes and has a Scottish heritage.)

Outlander follows Claire Randall, a woman who has been a combat nurse and has just been able to reunite and go on a second honeymoon with her husband after quite a few years apart during the war. 

It is 1945 and while on their trip she is taken back in time to 1743. 
She is thrown into the mix with a bunch of Scottish men and forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a young and kind man. 
She is then torn between her love for two men, two marriages, two times. 

First, the cast. 
I don't know what others think, but I think it is perfect. 

Claire is played by Caitriona Balfe. 
She is stunning. 
It has been a while since I have read the book and I don't remember exactly what my impression of Claire was as far as what she would look like, but I do remember what I thought she would act like and Caitriona has embodied that really well. 

Jamie is played by Sam Heughan. 
He is exactly what I pictured for Jamie when I read the book. 
That doesn't happen very often for me but while watching I kept saying it. 
"He is exactly how I pictured Jamie."

Tobias Menzies is fantastic at taking on two very different men with two very different personalities. 

The rest of the cast is fantastic as well. 
There wasn't a single person that I felt didn't live up to my expectations of the character they were playing. 

As for the show... I was completely entertained. 
And when we got to the end of the  final episode of volume one (Both Sides Now) Doug and I both groaned and wanted to keep watching. 

The storyline is engaging, the acting is great, the scenery is breathtaking, and as far as I can remember it seems to be following the book pretty well. 
It definitely made me want to re-read as soon as possible and finish the entire series. 

I like how the show makes me much more aware of what Frank is going through after the disappearance of his wife ...
but I have to say that I am still rooting for Jamie. 

If you have read Outlander and liked it I think you will enjoy this show.
If you like Scottish history, landscape, and men I think you will enjoy this show. 
If you like Game of Thrones you will probably like this. 

But I also need to add a little warning. 
It's not for all audiences. 
Just like the book, there is sex and violence. 
I would liken it to Game of Thrones again here. If you don't want to see a bit of both of those things, you shouldn't watch it. If it were a movie it would probably be rated R.

*Have you watched Outlander? 
*Have you read Outlander?
*What are your thoughts?


Donna said...

I've been hearing so much about Outlander and thinking that I would like it. I haven't read it or seen it. I don't like explicit sex in movies/TV so I'd watch it with ClearPlay. It sounds good and I love the premise of it. Would you recommend the book or the show first?

Karen said...

Love this show!!! We have Starz, so if you want to come watch let me know. It gets better

cheryl said...

Ooh outlander nights! Tempting! So what are your favorite things about the show? How do you feel about the cast and how well they are following the book?

Karen said...

They are following the book really well. At first I wasn't a fan of Catriona. I imagined a bigger, not fat, woman. Jamie always talks about her nice round arse wink emoticon But as the show goes along I like her more. I love Sam as Jamie. Frank/Jack is really good as well. Brent didn't understand how a woman who was married could fall for another man. I tried to explain it, but he has just had to watch to really get it.
And you are right, it's not for every audience

cheryl said...

Yeah. It is harder to explain but makes so much sense when you watch/ read it.

cheryl said...

Donna- you know you could do either. I always like to read the book first but Doug hasn't read them and didn't even know anything about the story going in and he really enjoyed it.
I am planning on re-reading now to enrich my viewing since it has been so long.
Does clearplay work well?
I don't know much about it.
If you could watch it without seeing breasts and some of the occasional gore I think you would like it. I always wish that shows would just hint at that kind of thing rather than having to show it.