Thursday, May 14, 2015

Let's talk about: James McAvoy

James McAvoy was born on April 21, 1979 in Glasgow, Scotland. 
His was raised in Drumchapel, Glasgow by his grandparents after his father abandoned his mother when he was 7. 

 "My grandparents were always very strict with me, my mother, too. I know it may sound as if things were quite difficult, unstable or whatever, but in fact they weren't at all. I was very happy as a child, even though I was never let out of the door on my own until I was 16. In a way I think that stopped me from getting into mischief, but I don't think I was ever that mischievous anyway."

James considered becoming a Catholic priest as a child until a visit to his school by the actor David Hayman sparked an interest in acting when he was 16. 
 David offered James a part in his film The Near Room
James enjoyed the experience and continued to act as a member of PACE Youth Theater. 
But he still wasn't considering acting as a career. 
He applied to the Royal Navy and was accepted. But at the same time he was offered a place at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, now the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. 
He chose to take the place at the Academy of Music and Drama. 
He worked as a confectioner in order to fund drama school.
After graduating he moved to London in 2000. 
He had a few roles on TV by this time and continued to work in TV as well as a few movies. 

He caught the attention of many in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in 2005 and has starred in many movies since then and recieved quite a few awards.

James married his Shameless co-star Anne-Marie Duff in 2006 in a very quiet ceremony at Drumtochty Castle in Aberdeenshire. 
They didn't invite any co-stars because "he didn't want the day to be about being famous".
"We keep our noses clean and keep our stuff private. We don't have affairs, we don't turn up to parties, we don't fall out of places drunk. We're not that interesting. I don't wear a dress where you can see my knickers when I'm getting out of a taxi. Do you know what I mean? I find all that weird."

 They had a son, Brendan, in 2010. 
About fatherhood he has said: 

 "I take fewer risks. I would love to do a skydive, because I like anything to do with heights. But that will have to wait for now. But I do still use my motorbike. After the birth of Brendan I was all set to sell it, but my wife insisted it was a part of my personality. However, I do drive on secure tracks - it's much safer than in normal traffic."

I have liked James in everything I have seen him in. 
He seems very earnest and charming. 
My favorite roles James has played are: 

#1. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

I just love his portrayal of Mr. Tumnus. 
I think Mr. Tumnus' inner conflict of what he feels he has to do and what he feels he should do really comes across. 

He has said that while filming this movie, Georgie Henley (Lucy) did not see him in his costume before they filmed their scenes together. Her scared reaction upon seeing Mr. Tumnus for the first time is genuine surprise. 

#2. Penelope

 James is so charming in this movie. 
Penelope is one of my favorites. 
I love this movie. 
It has a lot of heart and James delivers so much of it. 
I definitely fell for him right alongside Penelope. 
My favorite scene: when he is playing all of the musical instruments. 

#3. Becoming Jane

He is a bit of a bad boy as Tom Lefroy, the man that romanced Jane Austen.
But still so charming. 
Was I the only one that really wanted to change history so that they could be together forever? 

#4. X-Men

I am not saying which one in particular because I have loved him in his role in every X-men movie he has been in. 
He has been in the news this week as he shaved his head in preparation for the next one. 
I can't wait to see it!
I think he plays a young Charles Xavier so well. 

The movies are so much fun. 
And just for some more fun let's see Xavier, Magneto, and Wolverine dancing....

And responding to the card James threw hitting a woman with a splint in the arm. 

Makes me laugh every time. 

James also has a lot of movies that I haven't seen yet and really want to. 
He has proved himself to be a very good actor and a good man. 

*Do you have a favorite James McAvoy movie? 


Donna said...

He is a really good actor. I liked him a lot in "Becoming Jane." And I totally forgot that he was in Chronicles of Narnia! He was good in X-Men too. I love his accent!

cheryl said...

Yes. Me too! Love those Scottish accents!!

The Kings said...

I loved him ion Narnia and Becoming Jane!

cheryl said...

Yes. He is great in those.