Monday, May 4, 2015

Let's talk about: Kate Middleton's Style

I have been impressed by Kate Middleton since the moment I first heard about her. 
I am not a fashion guru or expert in any way but I love her style. 
Almost everything I have seen her wear is something I would love to wear if I could pull it off. 
She has a classic, natural beauty and she always looks classy. 
Whether she is dressed up really fancy...
or more casual...

She always looks great. 

Obviously she has been in the news this weekend with the birth of their daughter. 
I have read so many comments about how she looked "too good" for just having a baby or that it is "sad" that she has to worry about looking good hours after giving birth. 
This made me think about after George was born and she also got criticism from some saying she didn't look good enough. 
I think this is crazy. She looked amazing then. She looks amazing now. 
We have no idea what the process is like behind the scenes but I imagine that any one of us would try to look as good as possible if we knew that we were going to have pictures taken that millions of people would be seeing and talking about as soon as we left the hospital.
I honestly would be surprised if she didn't come out looking amazing.

 I thought I would take today to look back at some of my favorite outfits.
 I am in the market for a khaki trench coat. 
When I saw this one I thought "That is perfect!"
It is Burberry. 
Definitely not in my price range!

I love this dress. 

Beautifully radiant while pregnant. 

I love this coat she wore when visiting the set of Downton Abbey this year.

So pretty. 

I think they both look so sharp here. 

Isn't this outfit beautiful?


Gorgeous dress. 

And here are two of my very favorite of her dresses. 
I do have a thing for yellow. 

*Do you like Kate's style?
*What has been your favorite outfit? 


Donna said...

I love her style and clothes too. I remember seeing many of those pictures and really liking what she was wearing. I think I'm more envious of her hair than her clothes though! Her hair is amazing!

The Kings said...

I agree! Her hair is beautiful!! I love her style of dress. She always looks modest and classy. It would be nice to have her money and advice to help but i am impressed with her and glad she puts her best foot forward in all I have seen of her.

cheryl said...

Donna I am completely with you. I would love to have her hair!
I agree with both of you.

Seth and Julie said...

She really is a beauty and manages to look great all the time. I agree that it is nasty to say ANYTHING about a woman who has just given birth...too good, not good enough...just hush! When I had my kids I left the hospital in my regular jeans and do you know how much hate people threw at me? It is crazy. You really can't win. And celebrities are constantly being stalked to see how quickly they lose weight. If it's too quick, they must not have taken care of themselves while they were pregnant or they must be working out too hard instead of mothering their infant. If it is too slow, they must be lazy or no longer worthy of their former status. Maybe, crazy people, we just all have different bodies and we should leave each other the heck alone. Having a newborn does crazy things to your mind and body and the last thing you need is to step out to a world full of haters. I am with you. Kate is pretty flawless.

cheryl said...

Exactly Julie!