Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Let's talk about: Pride and Prejudice.... again

After watching the longer 1995 version I decided to watch the shorter 2005 version again as well. 
In just a very short time I will be visiting a few of the places from this film (Chatsworth house, Stanadge Edge, etc) and really was in the mood to see it again. 
It seems to me that most Pride and Prejudice lovers have very strong opinions about the respective adaptations. They seem to love one of the versions and hate the other. 
I do not feel that way. 
I take the unpopular opinion of liking both equally but in different ways. 
I will always love Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy the most. 
And I will always love the fact that the longer version allows for more exploration of the novel. 
But here are some of the things I like more about the 2005 version. 

Lizzie's sass!
She is fantastic in the older version as well but I actually really like Keira Knightly as Lizzie and there are so many "Oh Snap!" moments in this film. 

I think the Jane in the older version is good but she is not what I pictured while reading the book.
Rosamund Pike however, made my perfect Jane. 
She is stunningly beautiful and embodies Jane's modesty and calm manner very well. 

I think this version does a really good job of portraying the familial bond between the family. They feel like a real family to me. They seem close even when they annoy each other and when they are being crazy. 

I especially noticed this in the relationships between Lizzie and Jane, the mom and dad, and Lizzie and her dad. 
I love the scene when Lizzie is telling her father what Darcy has done and he realizes how much she really loves Darcy. I think Donald Sutherland captures the emotion perfectly to show how we feel when our children are truly happy. They really let us see how close these two are.

The cinematography and music. 
They do this so right in this movie. 
The scenes are beautiful.  This movie is beautiful.

and lastly, I love that when I am in the mood for some Lizzie and Darcy I can choose to either take a whole day or weekend to watch the longer one but can also take just one evening to watch this one. 

What about you? 
Do you have a favorite? 

Here is the trailer for this adaptation: 



Donna said...

I'm staunchly loyal to the BBC version but I like this version too. I'm not a big fan of Keira Knightley but I do like her in this role; like you said, she does a really good job as Lizzie. I think the very last scene when Darcy calls her "Mrs. Darcy" is so good. Great point that it's good to have the two options, the longer and the shorter, depending on how much time you have or want to take to get a P&P fix.

I'm so excited for your upcoming trip. I've been thinking about it and you. I will be there with you and your mom in spirit! Ha ha.

cheryl said...

YAY! Donna! Haha. I have missed you in the blog world.
I am insanely excited... and a bit nervous. Only a few days now.

The Kings said...

I really liked this one too! And I loved how she and her father felt when she told him she loved Darcy. I also love that fact that she told her father what Darcy had done for their family because of Lydia's stupidity, selfishness, and the jeopardy she put her family's reputation in.

The Kings said...

I loved this adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice" and love how she tells her father towards the end of what Darcy has done for Lydia and their family so he knows. So fun to visit "Pemberley" on our trip!!

cheryl said...

It was awesome!