Monday, March 14, 2016

Let's talk about: Pride and Prejudice

I spent the weekend with the 1995 version of the Bennet family. 

My husband and I were both a bit under the weather this weekend and I decided that made it the perfect weekend to just hang out and take the time to watch this longer version of Pride and Prejudice. 
It has been a while since I have watched this one and I was anxious to do so since it is less than a month until I will be seeing Lyme Park (Pemberley in this adaptation) in person! 

I really enjoyed watching it. It really is such a good adaptation of Jane Austen's novel and it is really well acted. Oh man, their mom just drives me nuts. She plays her so neurotic (the way she should be!) and I just cringe every time she opens her mouth. Well, I cringe pretty much anytime the mom, Lydia, or Mary are on screen.
I found out a lot of interesting things while watching. 
First, Julia Sawalha (Lydia) was actually a year older than Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth) even though she plays the younger sister. 
Susannah Harker (Jane) was pregnant during filming but they were able to hide it with the cut of her dresses, shawls, etc. 
Adrian Lukis (Wickham) looked familiar to me so I looked him up and realized I had just watched him playing Sir John Darnley in Season 6 of Downton Abbey. 

Anyway, I was having a lot of fun reading all the trivia about this film as I watched it! 
Plus, the town of Meryton was filmed in Lacock and I will be there in about a month as well! 
I think knowing that I will be seeing some of these places in person soon really enhanced my viewing but even without that, this is a really solid adaptation. 
I think that Jennifer Ehle plays Elizabeth really well and I believe Colin Firth to be the PERFECT Mr. Darcy. He really captures him. 
Is anyone not in love with Mr. Darcy after watching this? 

If you haven't seen this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice I highly recommend taking the time to watch it!

Here is the trailer: 


The Kings said...

My favorite books and movies of all time are "Gone With The Wind" and "Pride and Prejudice" and although I love the most recent "Pride..." with Keira Knightly this one is my favorite! I think Mr. Darcy is a heart-throb!!!!

The Kings said...

I thought I had left a comment on this but guess I didn't!! I love "Pride and Prejudice"! I started out loving the book and then watched the "old version with Sir Lawrence Olivier years ago. Then I fell in "love" with the Colin Firth version that you talked about! So well done!! I also like the newer one with Keira Knightly. I think it is great to have such good choices when one wants to watch some Jane Austen!

cheryl said...

Sorry I didn't get to these fast enough. You had already commented!